Sunday, January 27, 2013

Character Building - Part Deux

During this much needed week to myself, I have been a busy little bee. Next up in my "Building Character" exercise was my entry way. My entry way was totally blah, it was so plain, and the door was disgusting looking. Here are some pictures of my entry way before this past week:

Bland, crappy, cheap contractor grade door. I didn't want to buy a new door, as they can get quite pricey for a nice one.

The view when you walk into the house on the right hand side:

Walk up the stairs and you get into the family room and this was thew view of the stair case:

After much looking around on the Interwebs for some ideas, I found my idea.... I was going to paint the cheap contractor grade oak black like they used to do in old Victorian homes. I also said what the heck and decided I was going to paint the door black, because the disgusting, plain gray was not working out for me. Here are the final pictures of my entryway project this past week:

Behind the built in coat rack, there was some drywall that was bubbling at the tape. Instead of pulling the tape out and having to repair the drywall, I decided I'd build a coat rack. By me building, I mean I delegated the work to Ryan and told him how to do it. You have to look close, but the hooks are actually in the shape of old skeleton keys. I found them at Marshall's in packs of two for $3.99.

This price break down of this little section is:
Wood for coat rack - $6.00
Hooks for rack - 3 packs for $3.99, $12.00
New letter holder = $12.00
Paint - Free from previous projects

The view from the top:
The plants might have been the most expensive part of this project, but luckily Home Depot had a sale going on the evening I went in to get them.

Plants: $42.00

That was entry way character building exercise. I am absolutely in love with my new black door and the sleekness of the stair railing now.

Price breakdown:
Paint - Free {I had some old exterior black paint and some old white trim paint for the rack}
Hooks - $12.00
Wood - $6.00
Mail holder - $12.00
Planst/Foliage - $42.00

The total price for this project was: $72
Hours to complete: 9 hours

I hope you like my "charming" entry way. Next up... my laundry room.

Amanda Hugnkiss

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