Tuesday, April 22, 2014

God is Impotent... I mean, Omnipotent.

I saw something interesting today while looking through Google+ (Yes, I know that I am one of the 15 people on this planet that actually uses Google+). It was a picture of a man who had been born with no limbs, with his baby swaddled and tied to his chest. He is a motivational speaker so he has a public page that has many followers. His caption was "dream come true." Which is fantastic for this man, I am happy that he is living his dreams. What was most interesting to me though was reading the comment section from his followers. There was 492 comments at the time that I looked. Many of them were along the lines of "Praise God, god truly is great," "God is just too big, I give Him all the glory," "God is indeed great" Etc.

As many of you know, I am an atheist and I find these comments to be grotesque, to be honest. I find them to be absolutely absurd, and all they do is reaffirm my decision to be an atheist. Aside from the scientific aspect of my non-belief, if this is the type of Christian god that I am supposed to worship, that religion can go fuck itself. God will have a man be born with no limbs and cause hardship all through his life, but dammit he'll make it up to him by giving him a baby that he can't hold, can't change, can't soothe or pick up when it is crying, can't pick up off the ground when it has fallen and skinned its knee... but dammit, he has "blessed" him with that baby so that god must be great.

I think it is great that this man is not letting things like no limbs hold him back, but I can not give glory to a god for that. I give it to this man and his personal strength. I give it to his parents for raising him to be strong and to not let his differences hold him back. I give it to his wife who is going to have to do all of the things that he will not be able to do because he has no limbs. I will not give glory where glory is not due. Human beings are stronger than they give themselves credit for, yet for some loony reason they want to attribute their personal strength to a higher being. Religious people will acknowledge the fact that god has given them free will, so that means that this man could easily stay home and be a stick in the mud about his situation. Instead, he chose to make the most of his life. That was not god, it was this man.

Anyways, moving on. I am not here to discuss religion. I just find it absurd that people believe that "god works in mysterious ways" and that this man having a baby is a true testament to what a great and powerful god there really is. He gives the man no arms and no legs, but dammit he gave him a working phallus so the world is right. Phewww, god really is omnipotent... and a man. I'd rather burn in the 6th circle of hell with all of the other heretics than to worship a god that would allow for these situations to exist.