Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Day Trading

I have found that I rather enjoy my E*Trade account... and I rather enjoy researching companies to buy stock in. I'm a huge fan of technology companies and more recently I have begun looking into green technologies at the urging of a friend. I am starting a watch list of my own of companies that I have been watching and considering buying some stock in. Mostly so that I don't forget, but also because I would love any input from anyone who knows a little about these companies as I am relatively new to day trading.

Advanced Micro Devices - AMD:
AMD used to be pretty competitive with Intel; however, they are no longer even in the same league... they actually are at a low point in their history right now with stocks trading at $1.95. They seemed to be at their high point in 2006 when they were trading very briefly for $41 per share. AMD has recently laid off 15% of it's work force and will probably spend the next year just trying to become profitable again. The reason I'm looking at AMD is because 1) they are at a very low point right now in their history, trading for $1.95 but they have just announced a partnership with ARM to produce 64 bit processors to be used in the Cloud. Cloud computing seems to be all the rage these days and with everything moving to the Cloud, there will be data centers all over the world attempting to keep their servers up to speed and secure. I think that AMD is going to have a come back with the ARM processors.

Reuters has cited sources as saying that AMD is looking to sell some of its patents but it is highly unlikely that the company will be sold... This was devastating news for the stock of the company, but as long as AMD continues to develop new technologies and goes forward with the 64 bit ARM processors, I think they are going to see some gains. IMO.

Vestas Wind Systems - VWSYF:
Vestas is also at a low point... in 2008 they were trading for $140.00 a share, they are now at $4.61 and seem to be declining... again, this should be an indicator to not buy; however, they were just granted a $1.2 Billion line of credit from two banks. The wind turbine industry has become saturated with competitors and Vestas has had to cut projects and lay off employees to stay afloat. I think as natural energy sources such as gas/oil/coal become more expensive, dangerous, and difficult to extract, renewable energy sources will become a necessity to maintain our current energy consumption. I am only watching this one right now and keeping an eye on their R&D department to see what new things they will come up with having that $1.2 billion in the bank. The banks that granted the lines of credit must have seen something positive in their business plan, especially when credit is pretty tight these days for European banks and companies. 

A friend of mine are in agreement that we think Apple is on its way out. I think they have lost their edge and just continue to release the same product over and over again with stupid changes i.e. the iPhone 5 that changed the charger connection... and the iPad mini. They are in need of a new CEO that has some new innovative ideas. Maybe they should get some developers from Google to consult for them?? Just a suggestion.

Any advice from anyone? Any new technology out there I should keep my eye on?

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