Sunday, June 5, 2011

College Books

So this is my last semester before I get my bachelors degree. I graduate in two months and I am counting the days down to the second it seems. I need to vent a second about the absurdity that is the industry of college books. I just had to pay $11.30 for a lab access code to be mailed to me. This is a code that is 15 digits that I was required to buy online, so why the fuck couldn't the code be emailed to me?? This complaint goes right in line with the cost of college books. I took a chemistry course a few years ago where the book was a special edition book for the school I was attending and it was a required book that was new. There were no used copies available yet. This book cost almost $180.00. After I finished the semester I went to sell my book back to the university and I got $30.00 for it. The industry that is college books can eat a big fat cock in my very humble opinion. College students are notoriously poor and the fact that this industry changes books every two years and is on the 89,687 edition of the latest math book is bullshit. There have been no huge changes in mathematics in a long time. There have not been any new theories introduced that would greatly alter a calculus class and yet the 89,687 edition of the math book is out and students are being charged $576,287 dollars for this book. I am pretty sure that the spawn of satan runs the college book industry and I am pretty sure that if we ever have a chance meeting I am going to show that greedy bastard how ruthless I am. So because these books are mandatory and I had to just pay $11.30 for a printed code to be shipped to my house, I am going to vent my frustrations in this blog and seriously consider mailing gorilla poop to them from this site:

I hope you are all enjoying your night, I am not... I feel like I was just brutally ass-raped with no lube by the college book industry. I am going to go hide in the corner in shame and try to cut away the pain I feel.

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