Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Sometimes I feel as though it is my place to speak about the elephant in the room. I don't know why, I just feel addressing issues up front is the way to go. Living life out loud (i.e. the way you live privately to also be the way you live publicly) is very important to me. I am pretty transparent and I do not hide much from people... for this reason, you either hate me or love me.

As of late, I have seen a lot of posts on Facebook and on the news criticizing President Obama's choice to not bomb Libya over the attack on the U.S. Consulate there. I am not going to say one way or the other what I think about this, as this blog isn't a place to push my political agenda. What I am going to do though is give my opinion on these people who are so quick to start a war. You know the type, the ones who are quick to scream WAR whenever something happens in the Middle East that they feel was disrespectful to the the United States.

What irritates me about them doing this, is most of these people have never been in the military. They have not had to send their loved ones off to combat zones, they have not had to live through deployments, and the hardships of military life. These people are quick to scream war when it is someone else going off to war to fight for their freedom, yet they never did their duty to their country. They have never lived off the crap pay that the military gives you. They have never dealt with the bull-shit training that you are constantly going through in the military. They have never had to sacrifice their personal comfort to defend their nation. They have not had to deal with the homesickness that comes with being away from the comfort zone of your loved ones.

So to all these people who are quick to scream war, quick to bomb, and quick to send someone else off to combat zones... I think you should keep your trap shut unless you have been in the military and know the challenge of living a military life. If you want the right to send people off to die for your freedom or even have an opinion on the matter, I highly suggest you enlist in the military, or marry someone in the military. Do your duty and then you can have a say on the matter, until that time I feel a lot of these people should just STFU.

This service announcement brought to you by a veteran who did her duty to her country.

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  1. Great post and to the point Ms Amanda Gail! it amazes me even moreso how the congressmen and sentaors of this so-called great nation are so reaady to go to war. This coming from a group that mainly has never served a day in the armed forces, and whose children have or never will serve. What Libya and other Muslim countries are doing in response to a short B-rate movie is senseless. But, then again most radical religious sects are so blinded by their own beliefs they have a hard time distinguishing reality from make believe. I will never go on anyone's post or blog and rip religion a new asshole, what I will do however is rip people who have the extremist religious beliefs. Take those recent events in Libya as an example, you have thousands of Muslims up in arms with their classic torches, rocks, RPGs and so on damaging and in this case killing US Diplomats over a movie which I actually watched just today and found it more funny than offensive. I found it funny based simply on the horrible quality it was shot on not too mention the porno type acting ability of all the staff and actors involved. Now, let's play role reversal here, do we ever go and burn down random buildings and villages in said countries that depict our captured US Servicemembers getting beheaded, NO!!

    My views on religion are simply this, if religion was so grand and wonderful, or your god to whatever religion you practice is so great, why the hell is religion the main cause of all wars, famine, genocide, rape, etc all over the world!? It is truly sad when you come to think that there are millions of people willing to die for a being whom they have never met, or does not even know truly existed. Along with God or Mohammed even, these stories and that is exactly what they are stories! Which are thousands of years old, and as time goes foward into the future, these verses and books are misinterpreted and given a radical twist. Do you think for one minute when Mohammed wrote the Quran (Koran) he had Americans picked out as infidels? Kind of hard to do that or say that when there was not an America for a good 1400 years later give or take by my estimates.

    It used to be that you would have your small sects of extreme crazies in regards to religions. You would have your crazy snake dancing, kool aid sipping midwest loons of the 1980s, who would evenutally become the Branc Dividiens of Waco, TX in the 90s. You had very small bands of Mujahadeen in the 70s and 80s that helped rid Afghanistan of Russia's occupation that would then later focus their terrorist ideals and expand to try and take on America.

    I will close simply with this to anyone who has at least three brain cells if you want to believe in something, believe in yourselves firts and foremost, becuase if you do not, there is no one else that wouuld and that inclues an invisible man who resides in the clouds as well as single handedly created the universe. I am not an atheist by far, I also do not worship any given named god. I know there is a force out in the uuniverse that is stronger than me and I know I am not that force myself. At the same accord though I would never take up arms, vandalize, brutalize hell even verbally argue with anyone over that subject. Keep the blogs coming Amanda Gail I think I will start one on here as well. Writing has always helped me along the way in life. Now it's time to go back and post more replies to your other blogs Miss Amanda Gail! Thanks for the excellent posts and sorry about the long reply to your blog hun :)