Saturday, May 28, 2011

And so it begins...

I know a lot of people who have blogs and I truly enjoy reading them... some crack me up, some have made me cry, some completely suck, and others are just mediocre. I'm hoping mine falls in the mediocre category at least and not the suck category. Anyways, so recently someone called me an asshole for expressing my opinion about a pretty important topic... this person got me thinking about my life and about the importance of expressing myself and lucky for me I live in an information age where I can easily do this and share it among the masses, this is the result.

Read if you want, but I will warn you... I am a very opinionated woman, I do not back down on my moral principles, and I generally think that a good majority of people are stupid animals that do not know the meaning of life or how to live a good one. So why a blog? I don't know, maybe I am a self-important asshole? Maybe I like to read the words I have typed.? I would like to think that it will be a way for me to remember myself when I have fallen off a mountainside somewhere and end up as a vegetable, maybe my friends and family will read it back to me to help spark some sort of memory in me of who I am.

So this person recently likened me to an asshole. She felt that I was an asshole because I had an opinion that I was pushing on others and that I should have kept my mouth shut on the topic.... hmmm, well that isn't going to happen. So it made me start to think if maybe I am an asshole and it made me wonder if I have been an asshole up until this point of my life. High school, yes, I was an asshole. Most of us were, there were a few people I still remember who were not and I wish I would have had the courage back then to not be, but alas I did not. Since I have reached my early twenties though I would like to think that I have not been a jerk. One thing that people often take as an act of being a jerk is HONESTY! Sometimes people don't want to hear the truth, sometimes they are happier in ignorance.

So a few paragraphs later, this is going to be a blog about everything. It will be my opinion on politics, mountain climbing, cycling, riding a motorcycle, eating cheese, running, reading, traveling, alienating people, relishing awkward situations, tragedies that are part of life, my dog's ability to clear a room with her gas, vegetarian life for me, being a socialist, being a liberal, being an adventurer, and not being afraid to express myself on any of it. If you know one thing about me... know that I am pretty close to fearless about my pursuit of fun. Blame my mother, she was a "bad-ass bitch with no muzzle" who wasn't afraid of anything and she always knew how to have fun.


  1. I'm so excited! I love a-holes!! And you. :)

  2. I admire you and your beliefs!

  3. I believe that you just got yourself a blog stalker. Being an a-hole is the only way to be these days. The timid never get noticed nor do they ever get what they want.